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            • 1993September

              Founded Raccoon Trade Service (sole proprietor) in Komae, Tokyo.

            • 1995September

              Established Raccoon Trade Service as a private limited company (capital: 5 million yen).

            • 1996May

              Restructured and changed name to Raccoon Co., Ltd. (capital: 10 million yen)

            • 1998August

              Launched “Online Gekiyasu Donya” website offering BtoB services handling surplus inventory.

            • 2000April

              Moved the main office to Shibuya, Tokyo.
              Received investments from the CEO of Singapore Telecom (later CEO of Singapore Airlines) Koh Boon Hwee, Nikkei Venture Capital and others.

            • 2000October

              Received the "Nikkei Internet Award 2000", sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Business sector, Nihon Keizai Shinbun prize.

            • 2001November

              Moved the main office to the building next to the warehouse in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. This allowed the company to begin the in-house inspection and shipment of the products.

            • 2002November

              Launched “SUPER DELIVERY” website offering BtoB services handling new and standard products.

            • 2004July

              Moved the head office in Chuo Ward, Tokyo. At the same time, established the ECR center, the hub of Logistics Customer Support.

            • 2006February

              Received a special award of 2005 New Business Award.

            • 2006April

              Listed on TSE Mothers market.

            • 2006October

              Awarded a prize of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Japan Growth Department.

            • 2007April

              Moved the head office in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, and made the correspondence to personnel increase and office operations more efficient.

            • 2007June

              Established the Osaka branch office, strengthening the support infrastructure to the exhibiting companies in Western Japan.

            • 2008September

              Launched "Buyer's Navi" website offering BtoB services handling the hottest products.

            • 2009May

              Integrated the service of “Buyer’s Navi” to “SUPER DELIVERY”, into one website.

            • 2009May

              Started" SD Payment ", a postpaid payment service specializing in BtoB.

            • 2010November

              Acquired 100% stake in Trust & Growth Co., Ltd., making it a wholly-owned subsidiary.

            • 2011October

              Renewed "SD Payment" and started offering "Paid" for inter-company payment.

            • 2014March

              Launched “COREC” cloud-based ordering tools.

            • 2014March

              A service called "Rent Guarantee Service for Businesses" to avoid the risk of nonpayment of rent in office and store property was established.

            • 2015August

              Launched cross-border EC export sales service "SD export" though "SUPER DELIVERY" website.

            • 2015Nobember

              Launched matching service connecting Japanese sewing factories with apparel brands, "SD factory".

            • 2016Feburaly

              Started "SD selection", a new service for ordering items from select foreign brands.

            • 2016March

              Listed on First Section of TSE.

            • 2016June

              Received the Minister of State for Regional Revitalization's Prize in the first Nihon Service Award.

            • 2016August

              Launched online accounts receivables guarantee service for SMEs, "URIHO".

            • 2017Feburaly

              Awarded as the Best Company in GPTW’s 2017 Best Workplaces Japan.

            • 2017March

              Received the Grand Prize for Women Empowerment at the 2nd Good-standing Company Award.

            • 2018February

              Awarded as the Best Company in GPTW’s 2018 Best Workplaces Japan.

            • 2018November

              Restructure into a holding company.
              The company name is changed to "RACCOON HOLDINGS, Inc."
              The company name of "T&G Guarantee" is changed to "RACCOON FINANCIAL, Inc."
              The "RACCOON COMMERCE, Inc." is newly established.

            • 2018December

              Obtained 100% of the ALEMO, Inc.'s share, become our owned subsidiary company.

            • 2019February

              Awarded as the Best Company in GPTW’s 2019 Best Workplaces Japan.

            • 2020February

              Awarded as the Best Company in GPTW’s 2020 Best Workplaces Japan.

            • 2020May

              ALEMO, Inc. inherited the commercial rental guarantee business of RACCOON FINANCIAL, Inc. and changed the company name to "RACCOON RENT, Inc."