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            Solving Social Issues Through Business Applicable SDGs10:REDUCED INEQUALITIES

            The RACCOON Group’s corporate philosophy is “making corporate activities more efficient and convenient,” and to this end, we offer a variety of services that form the infrastructure of transactions between companies. Through these services, we aim to help solve social issues and achieve a more convenient, abundant society.

            Business That Helps Create Communities

            One of the characteristics of the Japanese companies that use SUPER DELIVERY, the wholesale/purchasing website of RACCOON HOLDINGS’ subsidiary RACCOON COMMERCE, is that over 70% are based outside of Tokyo and Osaka (according to internal data as of the end of April 2019). SUPER DELIVERY allows rural shops to offer the same range of merchandise and services as urban establishments in a stable manner. This also paves the way for new businesses in such areas and the employment opportunities these bring.

            • SUPER DELIVERY launched “SD export,” a global sales website, in August 2015. This all-in-one service takes over the complicated process of selling to abroad and collecting payment, allowing Japanese manufacturers to conduct overseas sales without excessive time consumption or risk. As a result, it supports rural companies and smaller manufacturers to expand their overseas sales channels, connecting Japanese regions to the world. As domestic demand shrinks, we believe this will help revitalize local industry and pass on traditional techniques.

            Business That Promotes an Equal Society

            • RACCOON RENT, another subsidiary of RACCOON HOLDINGS, offers a rental property rent guarantee service and proactively offer the service to welfare recipients, foreign trainees, and single mothers, among others. This has led to the achievement of a more equal society in which the socially disadvantaged can have a more fulfilling social life.

              Our third subsidiary, RACCOON FINANCIAL, offers an account receivables guarantee service that leverages our accumulated expertise to screen sole proprietors and micro-enterprises that may not have a credit score from Teikoku Databank or Tokyo Shoko Research. This creates equal transaction opportunities for businesses unable to be guaranteed by other companies.

            Business That Supports Entrepreneurship

            • RACCOON FINANCIAL's fully online URIHO is an affordable and easy-to-use account receivables guarantee service.This eliminates the risk of non-payment for fresh startups, allowing them to focus purely on expanding their business.

              SUPER DELIVERY also offers new business support. If a store is confirmed, it can use SUPER DELIVERY even if it is still in the preparatory phase, and is eligible for an increased credit limit of 700,000 yen from the start. (pending a screening)