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            Engagement with Communities/Society Applicable SDGs11:SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES

            As a member of a communal society, the RACCOON Group strives to contribute to society and its development. We also actively participate in developing new technologies and markets.

            Volunteer Support Program

            This program supports the social contribution activities of the RACCOON Group’s members, like volunteering. If members have activities they would like to undertake, they can receive support if they share the details inside the company and recruit others to join. This support includes assistance with transportation and accommodation costs as well as up to five paid vacation days a year for volunteering on weekdays.
            In this way, we support employee contributions to their communities and society by giving those with no volunteer experience the chance to try it and making it easy for those already active to take it further.

            Entry into the Fintech Association of Japan

            The B2B deferred payment service “Paid” developed by RACCOON HOLDINGS’ subsidiary RACCOON FINANCIAL joined the Fintech Association of Japan in December 2015. Paid is a payment service that takes over the invoicing work and non-payment risk of payment on credit, delivering stress-free transactions between companies. We wholeheartedly support the association’s mission of “accelerating the development of disruptive innovation for users” and joined so that Paid could be part of this catalyzation of the fintech market.

            Participation in Local Festival

            • We participate in the Icho Hachimangu Shrine Festival held once every three years in Kakigaracho, Nihonbashi, where our head office is located. Last time, we helped with a booth in front of our building.

            Recognition of RACCOON Group

            • Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize at the 1st Nihon Service AwardsSUPER DELIVERY

              Our wholesale/purchasing website SUPER DELIVERY and its cross-border e-commerce website SD export operated by RACCOON COMMERCE, another subsidiary, won the Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize in June 2016 at the 1st Nihon Service Awards, Japan’s first award program rewarding excellent service. The Regional Revitalization Minister’s Prize recognizes services making a significant contribution in terms of regional stimulation.

            • Ruby biz Grand PrixURIHO

              URIHO, the fully online account receivables guarantee service of RACCOON HOLDINGS’ subsidiary RACCOON FINANCIAL, won the Fintech Prize at the Ruby biz Grand Prix 2017. When developing URIHO, our programmers took on the challenge of beginning to use the programming language Ruby as a new technology. Going forward, we will continue to help popularize Ruby as we research technology such as using machine learning to automate URIHO’s screening process.