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            Establishment of Pleasant Work Environment Applicable SDGs5:GENDER EQUALITY8:DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GLOWTH

            The RACCOON Group believes it is important to gather human resources possessing various capabilities and diverse values in putting together an organization. We strive to create a work environment and programs that enable members possessing diverse values and distinctive qualities to fully demonstrate their capabilities and work freely.

            Addressing COVID-19

            The RACCOON Group has kept business operational by closely monitoring the state of the COVID-19 outbreak and setting up a task force from an early stage before the spread, carrying out measures to prevent infection, changing the work structure, organizing the infrastructure for telework, and such.

            Infection Control
            We have set rules for preventing infection within the company, making washing of hands and wearing of face masks compulsory. We distribute face masks to employees as necessary, and also encourage visiting customers to wash hands and distribute and wear face masks. We have also set up sanitizers and thermometers and attached flexible film for reducing viruses and bacteria on door handles and elevator buttons on each floor of the company.
            We have also established a reporting system for the event that infection is found or suspected.
            Work Structure
            We commenced recommending telework and staggered commuting from the early stages when COVID-19 began to spread. While also listening to the opinions of employees, we are implementing measures that take into consideration the safety of our employees and business partners, such as having all employees telework in line with the state of the outbreak, with reviews being conducted when needed.
            We also made the flextime program that applied to certain employees available for use by all employees as a measure to prevent infection, allowing employees to select a flexible work structure according to their individual circumstances.
            Responsiveness to Remote Work
            We have introduced the Zoom online conferencing tool for all employees, adding to Slack for online meetings and Garoon for internal information exchange that have been adopted from before in view of remote work. This enabled us to hold company conferences, training sessions, business negotiations with outside firms, and seminars online.
            We have also introduced a program for supporting the infrastructure for telework for the purpose of organizing the work environment so as to boost productivity even with telework. We are also holding various events intended for employees to interact with each other online, too, so as not to cause lack of communication even with remote work.

            Embracing Diversity

            • We have introduced a telework program (remote work) in order to accommodate diverse work styles and boost productivity. Working from home or equivalent is allowed once a week in principle.

              *Amid the fight against COVID-19, telework (remote work) is being implemented as the situation demands without setting a restriction on frequency.

            Creating an Environment for Employees to Work with Sense of Security

            Declaration of Fixed Workplace Location
            President Ogata has declared that, as long as he is the president, any relocation of the head office will be limited to around the triangular area bounded by Ningyocho Station, Kayabacho Station, and Suitengumae Station (the current head office location).
            A change of workplace location can affect employees considerably and, if relocated to a far location, can heavily burden employees both physically and mentally. Declaring that the workplace location will be fixed in turn creates an environment in which employees can concentrate on work without unnecessary worries.
            Installation of Compliance Desk
            We have set up a point of contact for whistleblowing and consultation on compliance that employees can consult at any time.

            Considerations for Taking of Leave

            Environment Facilitating Taking of Leave
            As summer vacation, a leave of five days (three days of which is summer vacation granted by the company and two days of which is paid leave) can be taken at one’s preferred time during the period from July to September. In addition to annual paid leave, a leave of five consecutive days can be taken for every five full years of continuous employment. We believe that taking a somewhat long leave can lead to more productive work from feeling refreshed both physically and mentally.
            Avoidance of Scheduling Regular Meetings on Mondays and Fridays
            In order to make it easier for paid leave to be taken, we have made it a rule that Mondays and Fridays shall be avoided when scheduling regular meetings. Avoidance of Mondays and Fridays, which are when employees generally prefer to take paid leave, will facilitate a more fulfilling time off from work to be enjoyed. The percentage of paid leave taken at our company is 80% (as of April 30, 2019).
            Coverage for Long-Term Leave Due to Injury or Illness
            We have an annual leave reserve program in place as a program for taking time off positioned as a kind of insurance coverage for employees’ unexpected circumstances. The annual leave reserve program is a program that has the annual paid leave that would usually expire when two years have elapsed instead separately set aside as a reserve for use in the event that a long absence from work becomes necessary due to private injury, illness, etc. Use of the annual leave accumulated in the reserve is deemed as taking paid leave and, accordingly, eligible for pay and the period that the accumulated annual leave is taken is also counted in the number of years of continuous employment.

            Establishment of Hataraku-n Working Father/Mother Support Program

            This is the RACCOON Group’s original support program for employees who are fathers and mothers that took shape from the aim to create an environment in which each can keep working without being bound by life stages in that “female employees can continue to work keenly even after giving birth” and “male employees who have become fathers can work while raising children with their partners.”
            This program grants up to twelve days of paid leave for sick/injured child care leave in addition to menstrual leave and morning sickness leave. Even in terms of child care allowance, while the norm is no more than granting until six months after returning to work in many cases, this program grants until the child enters elementary school. These are only some of the characteristic points of this program. We have had zero employees resign for reasons of marriage or pregnancy and have also maintained the percentage of female employees returning to work at 100% since our founding.

            Recognition of RACCOON Group

            • Ranking in GPTW Japan’s Best Workplaces forThree Consecutive Years

              We have been named one of the best companies to work for in Great Place to Work? Institute Japan’s Best Workplaces in Japan list for three consecutive years since 2017.

            • Certification as ‘White Company’

              The RACCOON Group has been certified by Japan White Spread, a general incorporated association, as a ‘white company’ (the association defines this as a company one would recommend their family to work at and that should be passed on to the next generation). The RACCOON Group won the White Company Award hosted by the association in the women’s empowerment category in 2017 and the office category in 2018.