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            Contributing to a sustainable society bycreating new value

            The idea of solving the problems Japan faces in distribution through utilization of IT came to me when I experienced them firsthand upon founding the company as an importer in 1993. This has served as the starting point of our business. To that end, with “making corporate activities more efficient and convenient” as our corporate philosophy, we offer services functioning as solutions to challenges faced by society and people.
            We aspire to motivate and please the employees working at the RACCOON Group, to have the services we offer be needed by society, and to form strong relationships of trust with our stakeholders. In continuing to uphold the strengthening of management transparency and our management base while consistently creating new value, we will continue to develop and grow as a Group contributing to a sustainable society. Isao Ogata President & Representative Director

            Stakeholder Engagement

            • Stakeholders

              Key Initiatives

            • Employees

              We will pursue various measures for establishing a work environment, numerous programs, training, and such that enable each employee to demonstrate their distinctive qualities and capabilities to the fullest and work with motivation, and also for realization of diversity management.

              • Intranet in place
              • Holding various internal training and seminars
              • Installation of compliance desk
              • Establishment of Hataraku-n father/mother employee support program
            • Investors and Shareholders

              We will aim for ongoing enhancement of corporate value and proper market valuation through interactive communication with shareholders and investors, while maintaining management transparency and fulfilling accountability, such as timely and appropriate information disclosure.

              • Shareholders meetings
              • Holding of IR sessions
              • Securities reports
              • Communicating information on corporate website
            • Business Partners and Clients

              We will strive to offer safe and secure products and services by forming relationships of trust through impartial and fair trade, legal compliance, and appropriate information disclosure, and thereby contribute to appropriate business operations and a sustainable society.

              • Inspection of SUPER DELIVERY displayed products
              • Acquisition of ISMS certification for Paid
              • Checking for affiliation with anti-social forces
              • Posting announcements and communicating information on service websites
            • Communities and Society

              We will aim to co-exist with communities and society through business in addition to direct relationships in order to contribute to developing abundant communities and society.

              • Participation in local festival and other events
              • Entry into the Fintech Association of Japan
              • Establishment of Volunteer Support Program