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            Fair Business Practices Applicable SDGs12:RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION

            The RACCOON Group considers ethical conduct and legal compliance to be the foundation of our responsibility as a company. By ensuring that each of our members abides by laws and company regulations and adopts a sincere response, we aim to earn the trust of all our stakeholders.

            Response to Anti-Social Forces

            The code of conduct established in RACCOON Group’s compliance manual is resolutely against anti-social forces and explicitly states that we will have no dealings whatsoever with them. Furthermore, we ensure that all employees are compliant with this through training and other employee education.

            Specifically, we have enacted rules against anti-social forces and established an internal structure for exclusion of anti-social forces led by the head of the Business Administration Headquarters. As the rules prescribe, we carefully decide on new business partners and new transactions with clients, following the Group’s process for checking for affiliation with such forces. We regularly perform the same check on current partners and clients.
            In addition, we are a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Special Violence Prevention Measures Association and, in addition to attending the association’s events such as training seminars, use the association, police department, legal counsel, and other outside specialist institutions to proactively collect information.

            Inspection of Displayed ProductsSUPER DELIVERY

            Every day, SUPER DELIVERY, the wholesale/purchasing website of RACCOON HOLDINGS’ subsidiary RACCOON COMMERCE, checks that there are no issues with the descriptions or names of newly displayed products and that they are ready for display.
            Furthermore, we ask for invoices and proof of manufacturing/sales permission from companies handling name-brand products, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, and processed food (including health food) and, when needed, check that advertising language does not violate applicable regulations.


            • Paid, the B2B deferred payment service of RACCOON FINANCIAL, another subsidiary, has obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification, the recognized standard for information security management systems (ISMS), and carries out efforts to reduce risk and protect its information assets from various threats. By conforming to this strict security standard, we responsibly manage the important information our customers entrust to us.

            Security Understanding Checks

            Once a year, we conduct a security understanding check to increase our employees’ awareness of security. A risk management committee made up of expert employees prepares questions on information security and regularly tests all employees.